Why join the community?

The Convict Comics community champions the creators. We are not part of the old comics establishment but something new and fresh. We recognise that it’s almost impossible to 'break in' through the traditional pathways and that digital is the way to go. We want to actively promote your work while connecting you with potential collaborators.


What about IP?

Your work belongs to you, period! We will never claim your IP as our own and you may choose to have your work removed from our site at any time.   


What does Convict Comics get out of this?

We are passionate about the comics we produce but like most of you, we do not create comics full-time. By inviting other creators to post on our website, we will have more consistent content for our fans and visitors to enjoy.


What marketing support do I get?

Unlike ComiXology, we don’t just post your work to our website and hope that someone will find it, we actively push your content out to our audiences. We create news items around your work, post to our social channels and network with other online communities to increase your reach. We even pay for online promotion on your behalf to give you as much reach as possible. 


What makes Convict Comics different to other websites that have similar models?

We live and breathe comics just like you. It is not our goal to make money from our community, we will always be a free platform. We know first-hand the frustrations of being an independent creator and it is our mission to empower comic creators from all over the world, giving them a platform from which to share and promote their work and engage with the comics community.