Failure Force

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Lou Manna Comedy

Failure Force tells the story of a bunch of true historical figures who have all encountered epic fails throughout time. Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg, Ana Cumpanas, Harold Brown, Cpt. Edward Smith, John Parker and Hamar Greenwood have all been brought together by God himself, who appears to them in the form of a My Little Pony.   

Before everyone has a chance to get acquainted over a game of Monopoly, God announces that he is sending all of them back in history to fix the time stream, proclaiming them as ‘time janitors.’

Now, this crew of failed historical figures find themselves in Tombstone, Arizona, where they befriend a group of outlaws who are being hunted down by Wyatt Earp and the rest of his lawmen. What the Failure Force do next could either clean up the time stream or completely tear it apart.   

Created by Jarret Herrmann.


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