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Pius Bak Timothy Wood Fantasy

A young desert boy, Maloo, has just stolen a rather large gemstone from his employers. Now on the run through the Great Red Desert, he has unwittingly set an ancient prophecy to save Australi in motion. 

The last thing Maloo cares about is prophecies but with the empire now hot on his trail, as well as mercenaries, bounty hunters, pirates and a mysterious masked forest people, he has to keep his wits about him if he's going to find a buyer and secure his fortune. 

Australi is a dangerous place where tensions are high. Foreign war machines rip through the landscapes and resisting Indigenous forces are facing a losing battle. The Great Spirit Animals are beginning to die and in turn Australi itself has begun to wilt.

Darker forces brew along the eastern shores. An ancient, arcane spirit hides among the royal family, laying in wait for it's moment to exact revenge upon Australi. 

Created by Timothy Wood.


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