Ned Kelly Ironclad Alien Killer

#3 Episode Three



Chris Batista

Heaven's alive! Things are going from bad to worse for our true blue Aussie hero (and wanted felon) Ned Kelly.

The nascent settlement of Victoria has been colonised by aliens. Ned has been recruited by genius inventor Henry Sutton to lead the resistance movement. And, as if he didn't have enough on his plate, Ned's philandering past has also come back to haunt him.

Ned's old flame Alice Sherritt has betrayed him to Baratha, the leader of the aliens, who masquerades as Colonial Judge Sir Redmond Barry.

And, Baratha's crew have in turn kidnapped Ned's fiancee Ettie!

So, young Gentleman readers, let Ned's unfortunate predicament provide a cautionary reminder that hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned...

With Ettie captured, Alice enraged, and Sutton's teenage daughter Tabitha fast developing a crush on him, our favourite bushranger certainly has his hands full!

Find out what happens next in our third exciting instalment of...

Ned Kelly - Ironclad Alien Killer!

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Issue #3 Episode Three

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