Ned Kelly Ironclad Alien Killer

#1 Episode One



Chris Batista

How the notorious bushranger defeated the aliens and escaped the hangman's noose!

<p>Our dashing protagonist, Australian folk hero and occasional murderer Ned Kelly, finds himself in somewhat of a pickle. Pursued by the boys in blue whilst liberating money from the bank at Euroa, our favourite bushranger is rescued by a mysterious stranger.</p>

<p>Ned is given some special goggles, the likes of which he has never seen before. When he puts them on, the awful truth is revealed - the nascent settlement of Victoria has been colonised not only by the Imperialist English, but also by a race of marauding aliens! And most of the aliens seem to be masquerading as Policemen. Thus confirming, boys and girls, that you should never trust the rozzers...</p>


#2 Episode Two

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Issue #1 Episode One

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